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The 6 worst mistakes people make when moving house – How to avoid the Stress and Cost

SHOULD WE HAVE A SURVEY? – Would you drive your car without an MOT?

Conveyancers Should encourage clients purchasing to carry out an independent survey or a home condition report. The house might look beautiful and have nice curtains but did you consider whether is suffered from Damp and rotten joists.

Conveyancers appreciate it is an additional cost that clients could do without, however if the survey does pick up any issues, you may be able to get it off the asking price!

The cost of a survey and peace of mind is much better value than finding out your house needs a new roof!

WHO NEEDS REMOVALS? – DIY removals can be a big mistake – plus it’s the last thing you would want to do after all the packing. Why not find a reputable removal company to do the job (this way you might be able to sneak in a swift pint at your new local!) You can find reputable removal companies at https://mybigmove.co.uk/compare-removal-quotes

If you do decide to do it yourself, stay Safe and avoid physical injuries such as falling down the stairs.

FORGOT TO ARRANGE CARE FOR YOUR CHILDREN AND PETS! – Kids, puppies & pussycats are all part of your family and Conveyancers recognise that this should be an exciting time for you all. Involve the children in the packing up and viewing the new property.

However, you do not want them unpacking their toys on the day for you or your removals to trip over. Avoid the tantrums – send them to the grandparents or friends with a request that they make you a Moving House Card and welcome them at the end of the day with open arms and a happy face!

It’s an emotional time for your pets too – their home is being emptied and why are the removals taking everything away including their owners!

EXCHANGE & COMPLETE ON THE SAME DAY – Resist! Discuss the implications with your Conveyancer – you do not want to pack you house up, have all your belongings on the drive in a removal van only to find out that completion has been delayed. Conveyancers should advise to allow a minimum of a week between exchange and completion.

REGRET MOVING – why did we move? Moving can take be stressful on relationships. Appoint the Experts that will take this worry away from you. Research the company and the individuals you are appointing at such a crucial time. A good Conveyancer will also tell you to check the property prior to exchange or completion – you do not want any unpleasant surprises. Make sure you Utilities are connected when you move into your new home.

TOO MUCH TO DO? – There is so much to do and so much involved in moving house. Plan, Plan and Plan some more! Set a suitable and achievable date.

On the day of Completion make sure your phone is charged. Gets as much rest prior to the day – similar advice to what your told when you are having a baby – you are going to be very busy after the event! On the day of your move be nice and try to keep smiling – you need your crew on board and allow the expects to do their jobs and relieve the stress as much as possible.

DIDN’T BUDGET – Moving House is Expensive. Take into account at the outset all related costs, fees and taxes – stamp duty can be a killer especially if you own a second property. Consider how much your removals are going to cost, estate agency fees – Budget and Prepare.

Finally….. Change the locks in your new home – you do not want any surprise visitors entering your home!